Changes to the biodiversity offsets scheme: public consultation

The NSW Government is inviting submissions on proposed changes to the way that payments to the Biodiversity Conservation Trust are determined under the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme. The consultation is open for public comment until 19 April 2021.

Find out more

For more information, please see the consultation paper, Strengthening the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme: A new approach to developer charges (PDF 107KB), which provides:

  • detail on the changes proposed
  • detail on the consultation purpose and process
  • questions you can consider in providing your feedback.

Future consultation

There will be further opportunities to have your say on the Biodiversity Offsets Payment Calculator and pricing arrangements. A separate process of detailed consultation will be conducted over the following months to inform the longer-term approach to setting developer charges.

Your privacy

Your comments on the consultation paper may include 'personal information'. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment complies with the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 which regulates the collection, storage, quality, use and disclosure of personal information. For details, see our Privacy and security webpage. Information that in some way identifies you may be gathered when you use our website or send us an email.

All information (including name and address details) contained in submissions will be made available to the public on this website unless you indicate that you would like all or part of your submission to remain in confidence. Automatically generated confidentiality statements in emails do not suffice for this purpose. Respondents who would like part of their submission to remain in confidence should provide this information marked as such in a separate attachment.

If an application to access information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 requests access to your submission, your views about release will be sought if you have indicated that you object to your submission being made public.

How can I comment on the proposed changes?

Please read the consultation paper, Strengthening the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme: A new approach to developer charges (PDF 107KB) and respond to the questions listed in the paper.

Have your say

Public exhibition is from 22 March 2021 to 19 April 2021.

You can provide your written submission by: 

For reasons of accessibility, please submit electronic responses in Microsoft Word or RTF format; an additional PDF version may also be submitted.

While electronic submission is the preferred format, written submissions may also be sent to:

  • Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
    c/-Michelle Chung
    Director Biodiversity Offsets Scheme
    Environment, Energy and Science Group
    Locked Bag 5022
    Parramatta NSW 2124

Transfer of management of the Biodiversity Offsets Payment Calculator 

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