Native Vegetation Regulatory Map review

The transitional Native Vegetation Regulatory Map is dynamic with regular updates reflecting changes in vegetation and land status.

The transitional Native Vegetation Regulatory Map (NVR Map) is an essential part of the Local Land Services Act 2013 (LLS Act) and guides the application of the land management codes and other approvals that govern how native vegetation can be managed.

The NVR Map can be viewed online using the NVR Map Viewer.

Landholders wanting more information about transitional NVR map categories applied to their landholding or landholders who consider transitional NVR map categories applied to their landholding are incorrect can apply to us for a Category Explanation Report (CER) or a Landholder Initiated Map Review (Map Review). 

Category Explanation Report 

If landholders want more information about how the transitional NVR Map applies to their landholding, they can apply for a CER.

A CER provides detailed information about the different data layers applicable to landholdings and explains the basis for the inclusion of land in certain categories on the transitional NVR map. A CER contains a list of the published layers contributing to categorisation of your land and a detailed map of the land identifying the contributing layers. 

Landholder Initiated Map Review

Landholders who consider that the transitional NVR Map incorrectly categorises their land can apply for a review of the transitional NVR Map categories for their land.

A Map Review allows landholders to provide supporting information for further assessment of the categorisation of their land and to potentially re-categorise the land.

Only people who own, lawfully occupy, lease or manage land can apply for a Map Review of that land. Information that can be used to prove direct association to a landholding, can include a local government rates notice, title certificate/search or lease agreement.

Applicants need to provide information to support an application to review the transitional NVR Map categorisation. Supporting information may include land agreements, e.g. a property vegetation plan, farm records, images or approximate dates of clearing or cultivation events.

It is recommended that landholders apply for a CER before applying for a Map Review

Apply for a Category Explanation Report or Map Review

You can apply for a CER or Map Review by email or post.

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