Category Explanation Report application

Apply for a Category Explanation Report.

Complete this form to request a Native Vegetation Regulatory (NVR) Map Category Explanation Report.
Landholder contact and ownership details

If you are not the owner please provide supporting information showing your legitimate and direct association with the landholding to apply for a Category Explanation Report, e.g. lease agreement or other. If you have previously provided this information to the Map Review Team you do not need to provide it again.
Landholding information

List all lot and deposited plan (DP) numbers applicable to the land to be included in the Explanation Report. Attach a separate list if required or provide a map clearly identifying the lot/DP numbers of land to be included. The online map viewer can be used to identify the land to be reviewed.

We recommend you nominate all land enclosed by your property boundary; however, we can provide a CER for nominated lots only, if desired.

Agent’s authority to act 
You may wish to authorise an agent to act on your behalf.

Agent details

Landholder’s signature
Under Section 192 of the Local Land Services Act 2013 it is an offence to provide information that you know is false and/or misleading. I state that the information provided as part of this request is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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