BioNet State Vegetation Map Infrastructure

The State Vegetation Map Infrastructure project is an on-going project establishing the standards, database and web map services required to support development of standardised vegetation type mapping in NSW.

BioNet state vegetation information map infrastructureThe Department of Planning and Environment is developing an information framework for the collection, management and delivery of integrated vegetation information.

Project objectives:

  • Engage with map users to maximise utility and alignment of project outputs with business needs throughout the design, testing and implementation process.
  • Establish standards for NSW vegetation type map products that meets the needs of most stakeholders.
  • Build a database to manage and deliver seamless standard vegetation maps for NSW.
  • Support the mapping of vegetation types at state-wide regional, local and property scales.
  • Guide investment in native vegetation mapping toward continuous improvement of products.
  • Maximise alignment of vegetation maps with the vegetation type classification used in NSW regulatory and planning tools (i.e. Plant Community Types).  
  • Develop web map services capable of delivering integrated map, classification and threatened entity information to mobile and business applications.
  • Support future development of map maintenance processes.

Progress to date:

  • Stakeholder engagement and user requirement documentation was completed by Spatial Vision in 2013.
  • NSW Vegetation Type Map Data Standard (Version 1) was published in January 2017. These standards define the technical fields and vocabulary needed to build the State Vegetation Map database and web map service. This standard will inform the map database development and testing phase, and may undergo minor adjustment at the completion of this phase.

Project plan

The project deliverables and status are:

 Phase   Deliverable   Status  Link 
1. Stakeholder engagement planning Develop and circulate questionnaire Completed Survey results (PDF 2.2MB)
2. Stakeholder consultation Six regional workshops and additional interviews Completed  
3. User requirements analysis Native vegetation mapping product requirements report Completed User requirements report (PDF 900KB)
4. Develop Vegetation Map data standard Published Vegetation Map data standard Completed Vegetation Map Data Standard (V1)
5. Develop State Vegetation Map database and Web Service

User acceptance testing of map web services

Due June 2021.
6. Live State Vegetation Map database and web services Live database with map web service Not commenced
Due November 2021.