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The NSW BioNet Team produces regular newsletters to keep you up to date with news about our data, systems and documents.

Newsletter September 2020

Main topics

BioNet Enhancement Project (3.2) update

BioNet Atlas systematic flora survey plots now available in SEED

Data project updates:

  • Citizen science Hub
  • State Vegetation Type Mapping Project Modelling
  • Pilot Biodiversity Field Data Collection system
  • National Biodiversity data supply chain

Newsletter October 2019

Main topics:

Vegetation Condition Benchmarks updated V1.2

BioNet Atlas application enhancements

Data updates and corrections from the Edit version of BioNet Vegetation Classification
to the public version

Newsletter April 2019

Main topics:

The benefits of power queries

New BioNet Atlas user manual published

Biodiversity Information Systems user survey

Newsletter December 2018

Main topics:

New BioNet Vegetation Classification user manual published

Updates to the BioNet Vegetation Map Data Collection

Collaboration corner:

  • East Coast Classification project
  • Species Distribution Modelling Program

Newsletter September 2018

Main topics:

Release notes for changes to BioNet systems from August and December 2017

Release notes for Web Service 3.1 and updated Data Standards published

Innovators corner:

  • LotSearch
  • EcoServer field app

Newsletter December 2017

Main topics:

Major enhancements to BioNet data and systems as the Biodiversity Conservation Act,
Local Land services Act and the Biodiversity Assessment Method come into force. 

Revision of BioNet product and service naming

Data standard for vegetation maps released

Data alive:

  • Bournda Environmental Education Centre (EEC)

Newsletter July 2017

Main topics:

Newsletter launched

BioNet Advisory Council

BioNet Unification project

NSW Plant Community Type (PCT) classification major upgrade

New vegetation maps released

Atlas of Living Australia automatic feed from BioNet now live

Data alive:

  • Murray-Darling Basin Plan

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