BioNet Atlas Species Sightings upload datasheet

This spreadsheet allows you to submit bulk uploads of species sightings records to BioNet Atlas.

8 July 2021
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • File XLSX 1.28MB

This excel spreadsheet allows you to record details of your species sightings which you can then upload directly to BioNet Atlas. Summary advice, including a link to our video tutorial on submitting sightings to BioNet Atlas, is available at How to contribute sightings to BioNet Atlas.

Note the spreadsheets have an extension .xlsx which can only be opened by Microsoft 2007 or later. This enables OData connections to web services for species name data so that the species names, contained in the Flora and Fauna tabs, can be updated at any time by selecting 'Refresh All' from the Data menu. This will require that OData services are enabled (refer to the Power Query Guide), external connections are enabled and that the computer is connected to the internet.