Greater Sydney survey projects reports

Fauna and vegetation survey, assessment and mapping projects of the Greater Sydney region reports.


Fauna of Greater Southern Sydney (Regional Assessment)

Royal and Heathcote NPs and Garawarra SCA

Kamay Botany Bay NP

Sydney Metro CMA Rapid Fauna Assessment

Jenolan KCR

Gardens of Stone NP

Wollongambe-Wolgan areas

Dharawal SCA & NR

Blue Mts NP - North East

Yengo NP (South) and Parr SCA

Yengo NP - North

Wollemi NP - North East

Wollemi NP - North West

Werakata SCA & NR

Sugarloaf SCA

Lane Cove NP

Blue Mts NP - South West

Wollondilly River NR

Maroota Ridge SCA

Illawarra Bioregional Assessment

Manobalai NR and surrounds

Wollemi NP - South East

Nattai and Bargo reserves

Dalrymple Hay NR and Browns Forest

Georges River NP

Towra Point NR


Maps and data for vegetation projects are available from the SEED environmental data portal