Threatened ecological communities of the Lower Hunter

From coastal saltmarsh to lowland rainforest, the various landscapes of the Hunter Valley are home to unique and threatened ecological communities. Protecting these communities is vital to the survival of our threatened species.

River-Flat Eucalypt Forest on Coastal Floodplains of the New South Wales North Coast, Sydney Basin and South East Corner BioregionsEcological communities are groups of native plants, animals and other organisms living in a unique habitat. Together these communities provide us with services we might not usually think about, such as cleaning the air and water, providing healthy soil nutrients, and stopping erosion. Unfortunately, many ecological communities in the Hunter Valley are at risk of extinction due to land clearing and loss of ecological function.

We must protect and restore these communities as they are often critical habitats for endangered species.


Help save our threatened ecological communities

You can help save threatened ecological communities in the Lower Hunter Valley by doing a few simple things:

  • avoid and minimise using pesticides and herbicides.
  • clean your car, shoes, and other gear before entering the bush to prevent spreading harmful plant diseases and weeds.
  • read more about threatened ecological communities.
  • discover the plant communities around you, both past and present, with the Trees Near Me NSW app.
  • volunteer with Landcare Australia and help work on conservation activities.
  • improve your land, production capacity and the environment through the Local Land Service's Every Bit Counts project.