Schedules review animal species reports

A selection of NSW animal species was assessed between 2007 and 2009 as part of a systematic review of the schedules of the Threatened Species Conservation Act.


The fauna species review reports were published before 25 August, 2017 by the NSW Scientific Committee and refer to the Threatened Species Conservation Act, 1995 and the Threatened Species Conservation Regulation, 2010. This legislation and regulation has been replaced by the Biodiversity Conservation Act, 2016 and the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation, 2017. The NSW Scientific Committee is now called the NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee.

Under the Threatened Species Conservation Act, the NSW Scientific Committee was required to keep the lists of threatened species, populations, ecological communities and key threatening processes in the Schedules of the TSC Act under review and determine whether any changes to the lists were necessary.  

Fauna reports

These 2007-2009 fauna reports provide a review of information, available at the time of assessment, on the species in NSW. For those species where the threat status changed within the Schedules, or the species was removed from the Schedules, the Scientific Committee's Final Determination is also available.

Common name Scientific name
Australasian Bitten (PDF 101KB) Botaurus poiciloptilus
Black-breasted Button-quail (PDF 49KB) Turnix melanogaster
Beach Stone-curlew (PDF 67KB) Esacus neglectus
Bellinger River Emydura (PDF 44KB) Emydura macquarii
Black-eared Miner (PDF 88KB) Manorina melanotis
Black Flying-fox (PDF 56KB) Pteropus alecto
Bush-hen (PDF 74KB) Amaurornis olivaceus
Coxen's Fig-Parrot (PDF 99KB) Cyclopsitta diopthalma coxeni
Eastern Osprey (PDF 58KB) Pandion cristatus
Gang Gang cockatoo (PDF 54KB) Callocephalon fimbriatum
Glossy Black-Cockatoo (PDF 62KB) Calyptorhynchus lathami
Gould's Petrel (PDF 182KB) Pterodroma leucoptera leucoptera
Grey Falcon (PDF 93KB) Falco hypoleucos
Hooded Plover (PDF 71KB) Thinornis rubricollis
Hooded Robin (PDF 65KB) Melanodryas cucullata cucullata
Mountain Pygmy-possum (PDF 269KB) Burramys parvus
Northern Corroboree Frog (PDF 309KB) Pseudophryne pengilleyi
Peppered Tree frog (PDF 67KB) Litoria piperata
Pied Oystercatcher (PDF 67KB) Haematopus longirostris
Plains-wanderer (PDF 81KB) Pedionomus torquatus
Powerful owl (PDF 65KB) Ninox strenua
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo (inland subspecies) (PDF 72KB) Calyptorhynchus banksii samuelii
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (coastal subspecies) (PDF 50KB) Calyptorhynchus banksii banksii
Red Goshawk (PDF 122KB) Erythrotriorchis radiatus
Red-lored Whistler (PDF 70KB) Pachycephala rufogularis
Rose-crowned Fruit-dove (PDF 99KB) Ptilinopus regina
Rufous Fieldwren (PDF 68KB) Calamanthus campestris
Sooty Owl (PDF 61KB) Tyto tenebricos
Sooty Oystercatcher (PDF 73KB) Haematopus fuliginosus
Southern Corroboree Frog (PDF 140KB) Pseudophryne corroboree
Spotted Tree Frog (PDF 80KB) Litoria spenceri
Square-tailed Kite (PDF 46KB) Lophoictinia isura
Thick-billed Grasswren (PDF 64KB) Amytornis textilis
Turquoise Parrot (PDF 44KB) Neophema pulchella
Squirrel Glider (PDF 97KB) Petaurus norfolcensis
Striated Fieldwren (PDF 56KB) Calamanthus fuliginosus
Wompoo Fruit-dove (PDF 104KB) Ptilinopus magnificus
Yellow-spotted Bell frog (PDF 83KB) Litoria castanea