Schedules review plant species reports

A selection of NSW plant species was assessed between 2007 and 2009 as part of a systematic review of the schedules of the Threatened Species Conservation Act.


The flora species review reports were published before 25 August, 2017 by the NSW Scientific Committee and refer to the Threatened Species Conservation Act, 1995 and the Threatened Species Conservation Regulation, 2010. This legislation and regulation has been replaced by the Biodiversity Conservation Act, 2016 and the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation, 2017. The NSW Scientific Committee is now called the NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee.

Under the Threatened Species Conservation Act, the NSW Scientific Committee was required to keep the lists of threatened species, populations, ecological communities and key threatening processes in the Schedules of the TSC Act under review and determine whether any changes to the lists were necessary.  

Flora reports

These 2007-2009 reports provide a review of information, available at the time of assessment, on the species in NSW. For those species where the threat status changed within the Schedules, or the species was removed from the Schedules, the Scientific Committee's Final Determination is also available.

Common name Scientific name
  Acacia macnuttiana (PDF 43KB)
  Bertya opponens (PDF 167KB)
  Bertya sp. (Clouds Creek) (PDF 167KB)
  Caladenia tessellata (PDF 58KB)
  Cynanchum elegans (PDF 50KB)
  Diuris ochroma (PDF 59KB)
  Dodonaea stenozyga (PDF 56KB)
  Eucalyptus approximans (PDF 80KB)
  Eucalyptus imlayensis (PDF 39KB)
  Eucalyptus parvula (PDF 129KB)
  Eucalyptus recurva (PDF 50KB)
  Fontainea oraria (PDF 46KB)
Tallong Midge orchid (PDF 41KB) Genoplesium plumosum
Bredbo Gentian (PDF 58KB) Gentiana bredboensis
Wingecarribee Gentian (PDF 117KB) Gentiana wingecarribiensis

Grevillea iaspicula (PDF 138KB)
Pink Velvet Bush (PDF 58KB) Lasiopetalum behrii
  Philotheca ericifolia (PDF 110KB)
Budawangs Wallaby Grass (PDF 63KB) Plinthanthesis rodwayi
Delicate Pomaderris (PDF 56KB) Pomaderris delicata
Denman Pomaderris (PDF 58KB) Pomaderris reperta
  Prasophyllum fuscum (PDF 76KB)
  Prasophyllum pallens (PDF 76KB)
  Prasophyllum sp Majors Creek (PDF 54KB)
  Prasophyllum uroglossum (PDF 76KB)
  Pultenaea elusa (PDF 37KB)
Slender Darling-pea (PDF 236KB) Swainsona murrayana
Silky Swainson-pea (PDF 227KB) Swainsona sericea
  Tylophora linearis (PDF 108KB)
Araluen Zieria (PDF 64KB) Zieria adenophora
Box Range Zieria (PDF 69KB) Zieria buxijugum
  Zieria formosa (PDF 45KB)
Parris' Zieria (PDF 48KB)
Zieria parrisiae