Saving our Species podcast: Business of biodiversity

Saving our Species (SoS) has launched a podcast all about why investing in threatened species conservation is simply good for business.

The Business of Biodiversity explores threatened species and the actions farmers, businesses, NGOs and everyday people are taking to protect them.

Our new podcast series is produced by Grow Love Project – a social enterprise start-up and finalist in the 2019 Wild Idea business incubator (also supported by SoS).

Each 30-minute episode features a mix of SoS partners, including landholders, threatened species experts and businesses, discussing the positive outcomes they have experienced through adopting biodiversity-friendly land practices in different settings.

Biodiversity is the variety of life forms or living organisms in our environment and how they interact. It is so important as the more variety, growth and security of those life forms, the more biodiversity we have and the healthier our ecosystem is. A loss of biodiversity can negatively impact air and water quality, pollination, pest control and even the economy, making it vital to conserve all our native species, great and small. The podcast explores why biodiversity is not just good for the environment but business, too, and provides us with an opportunity to communicate and raise awareness of threatened species conservation efforts in NSW.

Episode 1: Investing in biodiversity

Northern brown bandicoot (Isoodon macrourus)

Episode 1 hears from scientists, conservationists and farmers about their experiences and knowledge of the benefits of investing in biodiversity and discuss how plants and animals deliver significant ecosystem services on farm.

Guests featured include:

 Nigel Sharp and Annette Rypalski – Odonata

 Rich Gilmore – The Nature Conservancy

 Rob Fenton – farmer

Episode 2: Growing awareness

Manning River helmeted turtle (Myuchelys purvisi)

Episode 2 delves into how growing awareness of the importance of biodiversity can help businesses make a real impact on conservation. The individuals in this episode all have a love of Australian plants and animals and are not shy to share their passion in order to encourage others to get involved.

Guests featured include:

 Justin and Pip Jarret – Seesaw Wines

 Sam Renzaglia – Renzaglia Wines

 Lou Chalmers – Yume Wine

 Luke Tilse – The Happy Wombat

 Joe Slupik – Pokolbin and Hunter Distilleries

Episode 3: Biodiversity entrepreneurs


Squirrel glider (Petaurus norfolcensis) 

Episode 3 hears from environmental entrepreneurs about developing businesses with a conservation focus and their journey of turning their environmental idea and passion into a viable business.

Guests featured include:

 Sam Marwood – Wild Idea Business Incubator

 Jessie Panazzolo – Lonely Conservationists

 David Brook – Wildbnb

 Kate Torgersen – Envirogolf

 Aimee Bowman and Holly Newman – Planet Warrior Education

Episode 4: Landcare

Episode 4 hears from a range of passionate people involved in the Australian-made Landcare movement, at all levels of the organisation. They talk about the secret to their success with biodiversity and threatened species conservation and explore what makes Landcare unique, how they are making an impact, and what still needs to be done to protect our natural world.

Guests featured include:

 Adrian Zammit – CEO Landcare NSW

 Kylie Durant – project officer Holbrook Landcare Network

 Cindy and Steven Scott – farmers Scott Angus Stud

Episode 5: Connecting conservation

Spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) 

Episode 5 is all about ‘connecting conservation’, including how engaging the community is essential to the survival of our endangered plants and animals. Hear from inspiring individuals who discuss some of the various ways the broader public can get involved in supporting biodiversity.

Guests featured include:

 Dr Jodi Rowley – Australian Museum Research Institute/University of NSW’s Curator of Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Biology

 Matt Blomfield – Gather By Founder and CEO

 Darren Grover – Head of Healthy Land and Seascapes for WWF-Australia

Episode 6: Conservation technology

Drone survey for orange hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum subsp. carpathicola), Kosciuszko National Park 

Episode 6 delves into the world of ‘conservation tech’, taking to the skies to see how drone technology is saving time and money for threatened species initiatives. Hear from three conservation ‘tech heads’ discuss their challenges, solutions, and vision for the future.

Guests featured include:

 Blaise Porter – Head of Sustainability for Fujitsu

 Aymeric Madous – Founder and CEO of Lord of the Trees

 Debbie Saunders – Founder and Chief Remote Pilot of Wildlife Drones

Episode 7: Caring for our coastal creatures

 Green sea turtles Chelonia mydas hatchlings first ocean swim 

Episode 7 is all about ‘Caring for our coastal creatures’, exploring native marine wildlife and the rescue and rehabilitation of these species. We talk to expert care givers to see what it takes to get threatened species back into the wild.

Guests featured include:

 Holly West – Project Officer for NSW TurtleWatch

 Olly Pitt – Manager of Australian Seabird Rescue

 Stephen Van Mil – CEO of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital