Saving our Species partnerships

By working with others, the Saving our Species program can deliver better outcomes for threatened species in New South Wales.

Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) hatchlingsThe Saving our Species (SoS) program aims to secure the future of as many of the 1000 threatened species in New South Wales as possible. It’s a huge and ambitious task and one we can’t do alone. That’s why we work with businesses, government, non-government organisations, educational institutions and the community to make a greater impact and achieve the best outcomes for threatened species.

Partnerships are a large part of our success. They allow us and our partners to align capabilities, resources and efforts to be a greater force for conservation. 

We encourage partnerships through investment, funding, research, citizen science, and contributing skills and expertise. 

Invest in a Saving our Species project

Opportunities to invest in SoS projects are open to businesses and investors to make a real difference to many threatened species. Projects vary in scale and scope and can be tailored to suit your interests.

Existing partnerships

We are co-funding projects with conservation groups in New South Wales through a Conservation Co-funding Scheme. Our partners are delivering projects and contributing their own funds, expertise and volunteer/network base to deliver more projects.

We are working with the Environmental Trust to deliver SoS Partnership Grants and Contestable Grants to fund projects for site managed species, landscape-managed species and ecological communities.

To help implement the SoS program, we have partnered with over 10 universities on science and research projects, as well as with non-government organisations and local councils across New South Wales. Volunteering opportunities to protect threatened species exist through our partnerships with conservation groups.

Photo: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) hatchlings, R Nicolai.