Saving our Species partnerships

Collaborating with partners enables Saving our Species to deliver tangible and long-term results for NSW threatened species.

There are nearly 1000 threatened plants and animals in NSW that need immediate intervention to ensure they have a future. Saving our Species (SoS), our partners, and the wider public are working together to create a greater force for conservation – and having some fun along the way.

Partnerships enable both parties to align their values, capabilities and resources. SoS works with partners who can help us deliver on our ambitious objective to secure a future for our threatened species in the wild for the next 100 years.

Saving our Species ideal partnership target

Ideal partnership =

Collaboration between Government +
not-for-profits + business

This enables large scale and longer term outcomes through providing more resources, funding and capacity.

Support the Saving our Species movement

We have a strong network of partners and volunteers that help us achieve some incredible feats, but we can never have enough support. Every donation, idea and conservation action – big or small – makes a huge difference to our threatened species. That’s the beauty of collaboration.

Volunteers, rehabilitation using Lomandra longifolia, and native rosemary We know that not everyone is able to throw on their steel capped boots and head into the field to regenerate the bush and save threatened species. That's why we provide opportunities to directly invest in SoS projects. These vary in nature, so involvement with a project can be tailored to suit your organisation's objectives.

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Fujitsu's Digital Owl droneIn-kind investment is an extremely valuable component of the SoS program, as it enables our partners to join the movement through providing resources, such as equipment or expertise, to help save our species. Our impact is greater in numbers.

Wild idea, OdonataInnovation underpins the SoS program, and we are always looking for new and unique ways to contribute to conservation and enhance biodiversity. From podcasts and business incubators, to cutting edge drone technology, we have collaborated with some incredible organisations and are constantly on the lookout for more opportunities.

Volunteering and citizen science

Students sorting macroinvertebratesVolunteering and citizen science play a significant role in Saving our Species, through enabling ‘everyday people’ to do their part in conserving our species. We have a wide variety of projects available to suit you passions and availability, so have a look and sign up today.

Conservation co-investment partnerships

We work with a range of conservation groups throughout NSW, co-investing on projects to achieve a greater impact for threatened species and ecological communities. By pooling funds, expertise and resources, SoS and our partners can produce innovative projects with some pretty incredible outcomes.

Find out more about these projects and how you can help.

Saving our Species strategic partners

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DPIE partnerships

Saving our Species and The Royal Botanic Gardens: Securing a future for our threatened plants 

Seed vault at Australian PlantBankSaving our Species is working with the Australian Institute of Botanical Science (The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust) to provide an insurance policy against the extinction of native plants in the wild.

Threatened seeds and other plant materials are collected from across NSW and stored at the Institute’s award-winning Australian PlantBank at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan.

Find out more about these important projects.

Conservation and research partnership with Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Regent  honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia)Through research, education, action and advocacy, Taronga Conservation Society Australia is leading vital work that supports wildlife, habitats and communities in Australia and across the globe.

SoS works closely with Taronga on conservation and research projects aimed at securing a future for our threatened native animals, including captive breeding programs to create insurance populations of vulnerable species and research into the diseases putting our wildlife at risk.

Find out more about these important projects.