Bring the bush back to life

The last stands of the endangered Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub exist on the Malabar Headland and need restoration to survive.

Project name Bring the bush back to life

Species name

Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub


Malabar Headland, Sydney

Project description

The Malabar Headland is a significant site as it contains one of the last strands of the Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub (ESBS), an endangered ecological community. It is one of six priority sites in New South Wales for the ESBS. A major threat to ESBS is loss of its habitat due to clearing and development.

Conservation Volunteers Australia have a current volunteer project focused on bush regeneration of the species at the Malabar Headland site.

There is an opportunity for an organisation’s employees to volunteer and help remove weeds and restore native habitat in the Malabar Headland. This is important work to ensure that weeds are under control and minimised.


Conservation Volunteers Australia

Funds or contribution

$2,000 for a group of 10 people (additional people charged at $150 each)

Desired outcomes

Improve the quality and condition of the ESBS to enhance its long-term viability at this key site, measure its ecological function and enhance the habitat for native animals.

Promote greater community engagement and involvement in the rehabilitation of this critically endangered plant community.