Help Julian's hibbertia find a new home

To successfully move Julian’s hibbertia to a new home we need to study the pollinators it depends upon.

Project name Help Julian’s hibbertia find a new home

Species name

Julian’s hibbertia (Hibbertia spanantha)


Hornsby, Ryde and Ku-ring-gai Local Government Areas

Project description

Julian’s hibbertia is a critically endangered species that was discovered in 2006 and formally listed as a new species in 2015. It has a restricted distribution.

This project opportunity is a little different. What this project needs is ongoing support for a research project officer who would conduct research to look at the best ways to relocate Julian’s hibbertia and uncover what pollinators are part of its life cycle to ensure a successful move.


Hornsby Shire Council

Ku-ring-gai Council

AMBS (Ecology + Heritage)


Australian Botanic Gardens

Funds or contribution

$21,000 over three years ($7,000 per annum) to support a research project officer

Desired outcomes

Successfully move Julian’s hibbertia to new areas and ensure its survival in the long term.