Pretty as a picture - snapping flossies (female black glossy-cockatoos)

Photos of female black glossy-cockatoos in the Great Western Wildlife Corridor can help to better understand their movements and breeding success.

Project name

Pretty as a picture - snapping Flossies (female glossy black- cockatoos)

Species name

Glossy black-cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus lathamii)


Southern Highlands

Project description

Landholders in the Southern Highlands are helping to take photos of the glossy black-cockatoos in their local area. Through this work 17 female glossies were identified and the data helped to record the visits and activity of some of the females.

More photographers are now needed to get involved and provide extra observational data to fill in the data gaps. To do this we need to equip more landholders with the right equipment, a camera with a zoom lens, so they can take an up-close photo of the head of a female glossy black-cockatoo.

This project will support the purchase of specialty cameras to hand out to key landholders throughout the corridor and provide the landholders with training to ensure that the right identifying photos are taken. There is also interest from universities to incorporate this data into honours and PhD projects.


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Wingecarrabee Shire Council

Birdlife Southern Highlands

University of Queensland

University of Wollongong

Friends of Morton volunteer group

Private landholders in the Southern Highlands and tablelands

Funds or contribution

$50,000 for 10 cameras with zoom lens

Desired outcomes

Identify many female glossies in the Great Western Wildlife Corridor, determine home ranges and movement patterns of glossy family groups, track reproductive success of individual females, and determine what percentage of tracked females are breeding each year.

Engage the Southern Highlands and Tablelands community in the ‘Glossies in the Mist’ project by a fun and interactive photo identification project, where people can follow particular ‘Flossies’ (female glossies) over time.