Water for western wildlife

Innovative Australian artificial water drinkers are installed in trees to provide water to thirsty koalas and other animals.

Project name Water for western wildlife

Species name

Koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) and other local species


Gunnedah, northwest NSW

Project description

During times of drought water can be scarce for everyone, including local wildlife.

Gunnedah and north west NSW is home to several populations of koalas. In fact, Gunnedah is often referred to as the koala capital. Given the drought and north western NSW being subjected to scorching hot summers, a shortage of fresh water is a common problem facing koalas and other animals. This can result in heat stress, severe dehydration and even death for animals.

However, a new Australian designed innovation has been deployed to allow artificial water drinkers to be installed in trees so koalas and other animals will be able to access fresh water more easily.


University of Sydney

Local landholders

Funds or contribution

$1,700 for each Water for Wildlife artificial drinker (includes equipment, maintenance and data collection)

Desired outcomes

This project aims to install more artificial drinkers in trees in and around Gunnedah to help provide clean and fresh water to koalas and animals in need.