Commercial trade of protected native animals

The purpose of this policy directive is to help regulate the commercial trade of live native animals so that the conservation risks are minimised and the welfare requirements of captive animals are met.

The policy informs prospective commercial operators and hobbyists holding an Animal Keeper Licence or Companion Animal Licence of the regulatory requirements that are needed when trading in native reptiles and birds as a commercial business.

Policy summary

Key elements of the policy include:

  • Under Part 2 of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (BC Act), the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) may grant an animal dealer licence, a class of biodiversity conservation licence, to allow a person to commercially trade in traditionally traded native bird species and a limited number of reptile species.
  • The business of an animal dealer can only be carried out at the premises specified on the animal dealer's registration certificate. In the case of reptiles, this can only be a pet shop as defined in the policy.
  • Prospective animal dealers will be required to demonstrate appropriate knowledge and skills in keeping native animals prior to the issue of a licence by DPIE, and demonstrate compliance with the conditions of their licence and the Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Animals in Pet Shops, which is administered by the Department of Primary Industries.
  • All reptiles traded at a registered premises must be kept in the care of a person who can demonstrate that they have at least three years relevant experience.
  • An animal dealer must accept the return of any reptile purchased from them at no cost to the purchaser. This requirement must be displayed at each registered premises in a conspicuous location.
  • An animal dealer is required to keep an ongoing record of any purchases, sales or movements of animals in a format prescribed by DPIE.
  • The commercial trade of native amphibians and mammals is not permitted in NSW.

For more detailed information download the policy, together with related documents, including the DPIE response to frequently asked questions about animal dealer reptiles licences.

Sample licences and conditions

When applying for a licence to commercially trade in reptiles and birds, first read the licence conditions and premises registration certificate conditions to ensure compliance with the conditions required to be an animal dealer (reptiles) (PDF 145KB) or example-animal-dealer-birds-licence-conditions-170458.

Animal dealer licences

To apply for a licence to commercially trade in reptiles and birds, access all the relevant information on forms, fees and requirements for obtaining an animal dealer licence for reptiles and birds.

Apply for an animal dealer licence for reptiles or birds.

Licensed animal dealers in NSW

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Birdsville - birds

Branxton Pet World - birds

Central Pets - birds

Crystal Pet and Wire - birds

Diamond Reptile Supplies - reptiles

Extreme Pets - reptiles

Gates of Eden - birds

Hunter Pets - birds

Kellyville Pets - reptiles and birds

Living Jungle - birds

Tamworth Pet Centre - reptiles

Documents to download

Commercial trade of native animals: Policy directive (PDF 104KB)

Reptile species that can be traded by a licensed animal dealer

Bird species that can be traded by a licensed animal dealer

Animal dealers (reptiles): frequently asked questions

More information

Read general information about wildlife licensing

Contact the Wildlife Team.