NSW Climate Change Fund programs

Through the Climate Change Fund, the NSW Government is investing $1.4 billion between 2017 and 2022.

The Government is determined to take decisive and responsible action to address climate change.

The Climate Change Fund drives the Government’s investment in climate change initiatives, including programs that reduce emissions under the Net Zero Plan, deliver clean energy through the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap and help NSW adapt to a changing climate.

Delivering energy savings and reducing emissions

The NSW Government is providing energy bill relief for households and businesses through programs to promote energy efficiency.

We are helping to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions through:

  • discounts on high efficiency fixed appliances for households
  • discounts for small businesses to upgrade to energy saving equipment
  • training for small businesses to save energy and money
  • energy efficiency support for manufacturers
  • more efficient street lighting
  • new energy efficiency standards for appliances, buildings and infrastructure
  • the Net Zero Plan programs, including the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy; the Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program; the Hydrogen Program; the Energy Security Safeguard; and other energy efficiency programs for households and businesses.

For more information, please visit the Energy saver webpage and the Net Zero Plan webpage.

Delivering reliable, clean and affordable energy

The NSW Government is providing funding for programs that will help households, businesses and communities benefit from clean energy as NSW transitions to a modern and secure energy system.

We are helping to promote reliable, clean and affordable energy supply through:

  • a solar battery loan offer program to empower homes
  • smart energy storage for key government buildings
  • contributions to the NSW Government's emerging generation fund
  • regional community energy projects
  • rooftop solar systems for eligible low-income households
  • the NSW Electricity Strategy and Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap programs, including developing Renewable Energy Zones in regional New South Wales and the Water NSW Renewable Energy and Storage Program
  • supporting the national energy regulation

For more information, please visit the Energy NSW Clean Energy Initiatives webpage and the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap webpage.

Increasing resilience to a changing climate

The NSW Government is providing funding to improve resilience and help communities prepare for the impacts of climate change.

We are helping make our communities more resilient through:

For further information on how the Climate Change Fund was spent in previous financial years, including program details and case studies, please visit the Climate Change Fund Annual Report webpage.