Assistance for fire-damaged fences

Assistance for fences bordering national parks damaged by recent fires across NSW.

Due to the extensive damage to boundary fencing during the 2019-20 bushfire season, a statewide NSW Government assistance program is now in place to assist with reinstating boundary fences adjacent to certain publicly owned lands. This includes fire-damaged fencing adjoining national parks.

This $209 million dollar fencing replacement program is being coordinated by Local Land Services on behalf of all government agencies, including National Parks and Wildlife Service. To apply for this assistance go to Local Land Services: Fencing or telephone 1300 778 080.

If you have recently submitted an application for assistance with fire-damaged fences to National Parks and Wildlife Service, your application will automatically be referred to Local land Services for assessment and you will be contacted by Local Land Services directly. No further action is required from you.

If you are seeking assistance with the construction of a new boundary fence, where there was no pre-existing fence, the NPWS boundary fencing policy continues to apply.