Heritage Council of NSW

The Heritage Council is an independent advisory body that works to protect heritage in NSW.

Our role

The Heritage Council makes decisions about the care and protection of heritage places and items that have been identified as being significant to the people of NSW.

The role and functions of the Heritage Council of NSW are created by the NSW Heritage Act, 1977 (NSW). Its membership reflects a cross-section of community, government and conservation expertise.The Heritage Council is appointed by the NSW Government to:

  • provide advice on heritage matters to the Minister for Heritage
  • recommend items of State significance for listing on the State Heritage Register
  • recommend the interim protection of potential heritage items so that an assessment of their significance can be made
  • determine proposed changes to items on the State Heritage Register to retain the items' heritage significance
  • advise the community on heritage.


NSW Community Attitudes to Heritage

This technical report was commissioned by the Heritage Council of NSW to provide a robust and representative overview of perceptions and attitudes towards heritage in NSW.



Design Guide for Heritage

The Heritage Council of NSW in partnership with the NSW Government Architect have developed a draft design guide for heritage intended to make it easier to manage heritage design works. The draft guide provides heritage industry professionals, heritage owners, urban planners and developers with up to date advice on managing heritage design works.