Heritage Near Me

Local heritage values need greater recognition and we need to work closely with local government and communities to ensure this happens.

Heritage Near Me is an innovative $28.5 million 4-year program that empowers NSW communities to protect, share and celebrate their local heritage. It was developed to address an identified gap in current heritage programming.The program is due to be completed in June 2019.

The Heritage Near Me team works closely with local government, industry and communities to ensure that local heritage values have greater recognition.

What we do

Heritage Near Me Incentives program

The Heritage Near Me Incentives program provides funding opportunities for local heritage items and projects that are not supported under existing heritage programs in NSW. These include the Heritage Activation Grants, Local Heritage Strategic Projects and the Heritage Green Energy grants that complement the OEH Energy Saver program.

Heritage Near Me roadshow

The Heritage Near Me Roadshow works across NSW with local government, heritage owners and managers and the broader community to build capacity and support local decision-making in relation to heritage.

The Roadshow also works with local government and communities to deliver events and festivals which aim to celebrate the unique and diverse culture and heritage of a region. The Roadshow also attends community run culture and heritage events and shares their virtual reality film, Our Heritage, with the broader community.

Heritage heroes

The Heritage heroes video project celebrates individuals and groups who are protecting and sharing their local heritage through Heritage Near Me funded projects.

In these videos, you'll see people describe what is unique about their local heritage and why they are involved in protecting it.

Heritage Management System

The Heritage Management System is an information technology project that will transform customers' access, experience and engagement with heritage services and information. It will provide online lodgement and tracking of applications, viewing and interrogating heritage information on a web based interactive map and future proofing our heritage information for future generations.

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Heritage Near Me


Our Heritage - old woolshed in central NSW

Our Heritage is a short virtual reality film which explores the diverse heritage of NSW and its people. Our heritage is more than our built history, it lives in the land, the people, and most importantly in the stories we tell. It is a thread that ties all of us together.

Our Heritage film