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A Guide to the Heritage System

This brochure is concerned principally with how cultural heritage is defined, assessed and protected.

  • 28 Feb 2005

Aboriginal History and Heritage: A Guide

This guide introduces heritage managers (such as local councils and State Government agencies) and heritage practitioners to the procedures and sources of information for studying Aboriginal history and heritage.

  • 31 Oct 1998

An Introduction to Movable Heritage: Objects in their Place

Our heritage consists of the places and things we want to keep and pass on to future generations. “Movable heritage” is a term used to define any natural or manufactured object of heritage significance. It does not include archaeological relics found underwater or underground.

  • 01 Jan 1999

NSW Heritage Near Me: Heritage Activation Grants Program

The OEH Heritage Activation Grants program seeks to support the implementation of projects that actively increase community interaction and participation with publicly accessible heritage items listed in a local council’s Local Environmental Plan.

  • 31 Mar 2016