Applying for permission for commercial filming in a national park

If you are interested in using NSW national parks and reserves for commercial filming or photography, you need to complete a filming or photography application.

For your application to be successfully lodged, you must submit the following:

  • the filming or photographic application form (DOC 64KB)
  • a map clearly marked with where you wish to film
  • the application fee and
  • a copy of your public liability cover or a certificate of currency
    • The public liability insurance must be for a minimum of ten million dollars ($10,000,000)
    • The public liability insurance must name the Department as interested parties as per the following text: The Minister for Environment and Energy, the Secretary of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the Crown in right of New South Wales.

Submit the application to

All applications require a minimum 7 working days’ notice.

The local NPWS office will process your application. You will be notified if your application is approved. A security deposit, daily/weekly/hourly fees and any applicable supervision fees are payable upon approval of the application.

Once all fees have been received, the NPWS will issue an agreement which authorises your activities and includes all conditions relating to the filming or photography.

Forms, fees and guidelines

Annual Registration is available for only:

  • commercial small-scale stills photography
  • wedding filming and photography


Commercial filming

Commercial filming means any filming or photography for "sale, hire or profit" (as per Part 2 of the NPW Regulation). Commercial photography includes images for magazines, postcards, commercial websites, promotional material, books and advertisements and the commercial photography of private events.

Small-scale filming

Small-scale filming is filming or photography that involves a maximum of one camera operator and one assistant; requires only low-level equipment use (i.e. backpackable equipment; single tripod); does not use structures, film sets or professional talent; does not include the use of drones; does not exclude an area from use by other users, and has negligible potential to impact on a park environment (wedding photography and speculative work generally falls into the small-scale filming category).

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