Apply for a Parks Eco Pass

Follow these steps to apply for a Parks Eco Pass.

1. Discuss your application

Contact us on 9585 6082 or email to discuss your application, including details of activities and locations and what support you might need to start your business.

You could also call Destination NSW to discuss the viability and marketing of your business idea.

2. Aboriginal interpretation and lands

Identify whether your application relates to land jointly managed or the detailed interpretation of Aboriginal cultural heritage. If it does, the approval process has extra steps.

3. Prepare documentation

Please refer to the general operating requirements for running commercial recreation and tour activities in parks before applying. These requirements include:

  • obtaining public liability insurance for a minimum value of $10 million with DPIE listed as interested parties as per the following exact text: The Minister for Environment and Energy, the Secretary of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the Crown in right of NSW
  • an operations manual for your business that includes specific information on your planned activities in our parks
  • a detailed map identifying each location you plan to carry out your activities and identify the route of each tour on your map
  • obtain accreditation if you are applying for a 3-year or 10-year licence.

4. Complete the application form

Complete and submit step 1 of the new licence application form. You will need to upload:

  • public liability insurance
  • letter of support to conduct Aboriginal heritage and cultural interpretation (if applicable)
  • your business operations manual 
  • accreditation (if applicable).

After completing step 1 of your application you will be taken to step 2. You will also need to submit:

  • 1 tour schedule per park
  • a detailed map of the tracks, trails, entry and exit points within the park that you wish to use.

5. Pay the licence fee

Fill out the payment form (DOC 49KB) with your credit card details and email to

How long will it take?

Parks Eco Passes generally take about 8 weeks to finalise after you’ve submitted the required documents. Applications that involve more than one park, or which relate to co-managed parks, may take longer.

Please note that you cannot operate in a national park until you have your Parks Eco Pass licence.