Transfer your licence

If you sell your business you may be able to transfer your Parks Eco Pass licence to the new operator.

One-year licences can’t be transferred. 3 and 10 year licences may be transferred to a new operator, as long as the licence will not expire within the next 12 months.

The following factors will be taken into account when determining if a licence can be transferred:

  • evidence of the new operator’s ability to comply with the terms and conditions of the licence, including accreditation standards and insurance
  • up-to-date Operations manual
  • any changes required to ensure the sustainable management of the location and natural resources.

A major amendment fee will apply for a transfer of licence. For a transfer of licence to a non existing Parks Eco Pass licence holder, additional information will be required. The amount is given on the Parks Eco Pass fees page.

You cannot extend the term of a licence by transferring the licence.