Help shape the future of your park

Greater Sydney Parklands is the city-wide voice for Greater Sydney’s urban parks. We are looking to strengthen how we consult and engage with you and our city’s diverse communities.

Thank you for your interest. The consultation period for Greater Sydney Parklands’ Draft Consultation and Engagement Framework has now ended. The Draft Consultation and Engagement Framework is expected to be finalised in late 2022. Nominations have closed – see our Frequently asked questions page for more information.

Greater Sydney ParklandsThe draft Framework sets out the way we will continue to communicate, engage and advocate for our iconic parklands as we work towards the 50 Year Vision for Greater Sydney's Open Space and Parklands for Sydney to become a 'city within a park'.

One way of strengthening Greater Sydney Parklands' engagement is through the creation of 5 new community trustee boards, which will be established for each park to provide a key advisory role and allow for an expanded level of local participation and consultation. Each board will have at least 7 members who provide local advice to Greater Sydney Parklands on a range of parkland matters, representing community diversity, views and interests.

The draft Framework and community trustee boards are being established under the Greater Sydney Parklands Act 2022.

Find out more at Greater Sydney Parklands or watch the webinar recording below.

Draft Consultation and Engagement Framework – Webinar Recording

Community trustee boards

A community trustee board has been established to engage with local communities on the future of Callan Park.

The community trustee board will play a key advisory role representing a broad range of community interests and local perspectives on park stewardship, activities and usage, plus environmental, heritage and cultural issues.

Community trustee board members were established on 5 December 2022 by the Minster for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport, as per legislative requirements, on the recommendation of Greater Sydney Parklands. The appointed members for Callan Park can be found below:

  • Amelia Lawrence
  • Mayor Cr Darcy Byrne
  • Deborah Lennis
  • Keith Irving (Chair)
  • Louisa Larkin
  • Roslyn Burge
  • Stephen Conaty