Update December 2021

Stage 4 completed.

Stage 4 completed

Stage 4 works of the Bouddi Coastal Walk Upgrade were completed in early November. The work included the installation of 67 new sandstone steps (remember those steps weigh 160 kilograms each) and resurfacing of 295 metres of track. The section upgraded extends from the top of the steps at the eastern end of Maitland Bay to the junction of Mount Bouddi walking track.

The completed platform at the Maitland Bay saddle, Bouddi National Park

One of the highlights of this latest work is the new lookout constructed at the Maitland Bay saddle. Not only does this provide spectacular views of the coastline it protects Themeda grassland. Themeda grassland is a combination of plant species listed as an endangered ecological community and is at risk of becoming extinct. One of the threats is trampling. Kangaroo grass (Themeda australis) is a major component of the grassland and provides important habitat for seed-eating birds such as parrots and finches. The grasslands are fragile, so the raised platform and an informative sign will help protect this endangered community.

Kangaroo grass (Themeda australis)

Stage 5

Stage 5 is the final section of the current upgrade works to the Bouddi Coastal Walk. This stage is from Mount Bouddi walking track to Caves Bay.

The work is scheduled to commence in early March 2022. This will ensure there are no disruptions to park users during the busy period over summer and the school holidays.

Interestingly one section of the steps near Caves Bay was constructed in the 1970s under a prisoner release scheme, well before any current staff worked in the park.

Bouddi Coastal Walk Stage 5 map

Temporary closures

To ensure visitor safety during construction and any helicopter lift of materials, temporary closures of sections of the track will be required. An update on this will be provided closer to the time in early 2022.

Visitors should check the website before visiting the park and adhere to any signs or directions from staff for their own safety.

All alerts for closures will be on the NPWS website.

Two other tracks in Bouddi get a facelift

At the same time as the final stage of the Bouddi Coastal Walk upgrade, we are upgrading 2 other walking tracks in the reserve.

The Maitland Bay Track takes visitors from the Maitland Bay Information Centre to beautiful Maitland Bay, one of the most pristine beaches on the Central Coast. The work here will include the replacement of uneven sections with 90 new sandstone steps and some resurfacing.

The Flannel Flower Track takes visitors from Wagstaffe to Hawke Head Drive through magnificent angophoras and provides views over Lobster Beach and Umina Beach. The work here will include installing 45 new sandstone steps and some resurfacing.

The work to these 2 tracks will improve visitor safety and provide an enhanced visitor experience.

These works are scheduled to commence in early March. Track closures will be in place during construction and insertion of materials by helicopter.

Flannel flower (Actinotus helianthi)