Update July 2021

Stage 3 works completed.

Stage 3 works of the Bouddi Coastal Walk Upgrade are completed and this section of the track was reopened and available for you to enjoy.

The works involved the upgrade of 11 sections of the track between Gerrin Point and Maitland Bay to improve accessibility and ensure visitor safety.

Before – water eroded the track, Bouddi Coastal Walk Upgrade.
After – the new surface will make walking more pleasant and safer, rain or shine.


Before – the walking track was eroded in a number of sections due to water and high pedestian traffic, Bouddi Coastal Walk Upgrade.
After – new surface material will enhance the durability of the track and ensure a better visitor experience, Bouddi Coastal Walk Upgrade.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is the section of track between Maitland Bay headland (north end of Maitland Bay Beach) and the junction of Mount Bouddi Walking Track. This stage involves 3 separate sections and the installation of 2 lookouts and a viewing platform. Two lookouts are at the Maitland Bay saddle, and viewing platform is just north of the junction of Mt Bouddi walking track and the coastal track.

The addition of the 2 lookouts will provide spectacular views of the coastline and possibly an opportunity to spot humpback whales on their migration north during winter.

The work is scheduled to commence mid-August subject to COVID restrictions.

Temporary closures

To ensure visitor safety during construction temporary closures of the track between the northern end of Maitland Bay Beach and Mount Bouddi Walking Track will be required.

The track will be closed for a period of approximately 10 weeks from mid-August.

Due to the remote location of the work materials will be flown in by helicopter. During helicopter operations additional areas of the park may be closed.

Visitors should check the website before visiting the park and adhere to any signs or directions from staff for their own safety.

All alerts for closures will be on the NPWS website.

NPWS helicopter lifting materials in for Stage One, Bouddi Coastal Walk Upgrade.

Look out everyone

Not only will the upgraded sections of the track increase accessibility and improve visitor safety, it will also enhance the visitor experience of this beautiful coastal walking track. The inclusion of 6, yes 6, new lookouts or platforms between Little Beach and Gerrin Point Lookout is going to provide visitors with even more opportunities to catch those spectacular views.

The new 6 will join the existing Gerrin Point Lookout to provide 7 places to stop, catch your breath and take in what is arguably the most beautiful coastline on the Central Coast.

Lookouts and platforms include:

  1. lookout over Little Beach (newly constructed)
  2. overlooking Maitland Bombora (to be constructed in Stage 4)
  3. north of the Maitland Bay Headland overlooking the rock platform (to be constructed in Stage 4)
  4. at Maitland saddle providing spectacular views north and south (to be constructed in Stage 4)
  5. overlooking Maitland Bay (newly constructed)
  6. looking south towards Gerrin Point and Sydney (newly constructed)
  7. Gerrin Point (existing).

The green crosses represent locations of the lookouts, the one furthest south is Gerrin Point.