Bouddi Coastal Walk: update June 2020

The work near Bullimah Beach, on the section of track linking the constructed boardwalk to bridge 8, is now complete.

The Bouddi Coastal Walk upgrade is a NSW Government funded project under the Improving Access to National Parks program. The project will upgrade the spectacular 8 kilometre coastal walk from Putty Beach to MacMasters Beach in Bouddi National Park, Central Coast.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is delivering this project to enhance visitor experiences and improve visitor safety and access to this popular walking track.

Completion of the first part of stage one works

The work near Bullimah Beach, on the section of track linking the constructed boardwalk to bridge 8, is now complete. The work included replacing old, damaged wooden steps with sandstone ones and sealing some surfaces to reduce erosion and make them safer for park visitors during wet conditions. The work was undertaken by local NPWS staff and completed ahead of schedule. 

Around 33 tonnes of materials were flown in by helicopter to complete this first section of work. NPWS staff then replaced koppers log steps with sandstone and resurfaced some sections to reduce erosion and enhance visitor safety. 

NPWS would like to thank all park users during this construction phase for their patience and good will in following COVID-19 guidelines.

The old koppers log steps needed replacing and the track was eroded, Bouddi Coastal Walk
Sandstone steps replace the old kopper logs making it easier for walkers and the new surface will reduce erosion and make the track easier to walk in wet conditions, Bouddi Coastal Walk
Field Officer, Lee Turbayne uses equipment that was flown in by helicopter to compact the new track surface, Bouddi Coastal Walk

About the upgrade

The track is in a coastal environment and subject to erosion and impacts from weather and high pedestrian use. The works will improve the longevity of the track and assist with future maintenance.

The walking track contains a number of bridges, steps and soft surface areas that require maintenance and upgrade to keep visitors safe and control erosion on this popular track. Some areas of the track can become slippery in wet conditions and this work will improve safety for walkers.

The NSW Government has provided funding specifically for these upgrade works which are scheduled to be undertaken in stages over the next 3 years. Sections of the track may be temporarily closed during periods of construction or during helicopter operations to fly in construction materials to remote work sites. These closures are put into place to ensure the safety of park visitors, staff and contractors. Closures will be advised on the national parks’ website.

The proposed works are permitted under the Bouddi National Park plan of management as maintenance works to an existing walking track.

Current work

Part two of Stage One works will be undertaken north of the completed stage from bridge 8 to Gerrin Point Lookout. This work will commence on Thursday 11 June 2020.

Once again the remoteness of the work will require materials to be flown in by helicopter on a long line to the site. The first items to be flown in will be the sandstone steps. A second flight at a later date will be required to take in surface material.

For safety reasons, the helicopter operations will require temporary closure of the track between Maitland Bay track intersection and Putty Beach on 11 June 2020.

This stage of the construction works will take up to four weeks to complete, weather dependent.

The work will include replacement of existing koppers log steps with 42 sandstone steps and resurfacing of some sections of the track.

The work will be undertaken by NPWS staff.

Thirty tonnes of construction materials ready to be helicopter lifted into the remote site, Bouddi Coastal Walk
Construction materials being lifted into the remote site, Bouddi Coastal Walk
Helicopter lifting some of the thirty tonnes of construction materials, Bouddi Coastal Walk

Next steps

At the completion of these works, work will continue along the track over another 3 stages.

The next scheduled work will be carried out from Little Beach to Mourawaring Moor. This stage is scheduled to be undertaken in the latter part of 2020. Temporary track closure will be required during these construction works to ensure the safety of visitors and construction staff. Advice on closures will be provided via a project update and alerts on the national parks’ website.