Update January 2023

Construction is starting at Crackneck Lookout.

What is closed to the public?

Crackneck Lookout in Wyrrabalong National Park will be closed to the public from Monday 30 January to June 2023, while construction takes place. The closure includes the formal and informal visitor parking areas at the lookout and along Hilltop Street within the park.

Residential access

During this period, residents will have vehicle access to their properties via Hilltop Street (from the corner of Yaruga Street).

What will remain open to the public?

The Coast walking track will remain open where safe, with an alternate temporary walking route in place throughout the construction period. This alternate route will change in location as works progress. There may be short temporary closures as this alternate route is adjusted to maintain pedestrian safety during construction.

Please follow directional signs.

Parking for accessing The Coast walking track is available:

  • at the northern end, at Bateau Bay Beach picnic area
  • at the southern end, on North Scenic Drive.

More visitor information can be found on the National Parks and Wildlife Service website.

How are park values protected and enhanced in the lookout's final design?

The environmental impact assessment of the final design has outlined how the works must occur, which will be monitored during the construction phase.


The final design includes:

  • 50 parking spaces plus 3 designated accessible parking spaces
  • wheelchair access-compliant landscaping and specially designed outdoor furniture that allows wheelchair use
  • a designated 22-seater bus parking space
  • U-turn bay for safer vehicle movements.


The monument will remain where it is and be protected during construction.


The final design has centred around keeping the existing larger habitat trees. A regeneration plan guides the management of any trees that need to be planted or removed. Locally native plants will be used in new garden beds.

What are nearby alternatives to the lookout during its closure?

Pelican Beach Road lookout, also in Wyrrabalong National Park, is about 17 km by road, north of Crackneck Lookout. This visitor area also offers scenic views over The Entrance, Pelican Beach and is a great spot for whale watching.

Where can I find out up-to-date information about site closure changes?

The National Parks and Wildlife Service Local alerts has all up-to-date information about closures in this park, including Crackneck Lookout.

Other information

Any detailed enquiries about the construction phase, including changes to local traffic, noise, or other residential issues, can be directed to the local National Parks and Wildlife Service Area office by calling on 4972 9000.

You can register your interest in receiving updates on this project by completing the online form under Subscribe at: Crackneck Lookout access upgrade.

Crackneck Lookout upgrade final design

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