Update May 2023

Construction is nearing completion at Crackneck Lookout.

When will it be open to the public?

Crackneck Lookout in Wyrrabalong National Park will be open to the public from June 2023.

Construction nearing completion

Major construction is forecast to be completed in the last week of May 2023, with the demobilisation of construction equipment being the last step in the construction process. To have the site open for public access, final site cleaning and preparations will be conducted in the lead-up to opening day.

Residential access

Until the opening date, residents will have vehicle access to their properties via Hilltop Street (from the corner of Yaruga Street).

How are park values protected and enhanced in the lookout's upgrade?

The environmental considerations undertaken as part of construction works further protected the park's biodiversity values.


The final constructed upgrade includes:

  • 50 parking spaces plus 3 designated accessible parking spaces
  • wheelchair access-compliant landscaping and specially designed outdoor furniture that allows wheelchair use
  • sandstone retaining that increases seating
  • increased grassed area for public access
  • connected link to the Coast Walking Track
  • a designated 22-seater bus parking space
  • new whale interpretative sign.


The monument remained in place and was protected during construction.


The upgrade was designed around keeping larger habitat trees on the western side of the car park and access road. A regeneration plan guided the management of replacement plantings for trees removed, doubling the number of plants and trees replaced. Local native plants will be used in new garden beds, and trees will be planted in forested areas near where trees were removed to formalise parking.

Volunteer bush regeneration groups will work alongside National Parks and Wildlife Service staff to complete the landscaping works just before the opening date.

What are nearby alternatives to the lookout?

Pelican Beach Road lookout, also in Wyrrabalong National Park, is about 17 km by road, north of Crackneck Lookout. This visitor area also offers scenic views over The Entrance, Pelican Beach and is a great spot for whale watching.

Where can I find out about the site?

The National Parks and Wildlife Service Local alerts have up-to-date information about this park's closures, including Crackneck Lookout.

Other information

Any detailed enquiries about the upgrade can be directed to the local National Parks and Wildlife Service Area office by calling on 4972 9000.