Dharawal National Park, Dharawal Nature Reserve and Dharawal State Conservation Area Draft Plan of Management: Public consultation

The Dharawal National Park, Dharawal Nature Reserve, Dharawal State Conservation Area Draft Plan of Management has closed for comment.

Once adopted, this plan of management will replace the existing plan, which was adopted in 2006. Public exhibition of the draft plan provided members of the community with the opportunity to have a say in the management directions for the parks. Comments closed 24 January 2022.

The draft plan is accompanied by the Dharawal National Park, Dharawal Nature Reserve, Dharawal State Conservation Area Draft Planning Considerations report. Readers of the plan should refer to this document for detailed explanations of the parks' values and management considerations.

The parks are located approximately 45 kilometres south-west of Sydney between the Georges River and Illawarra Escarpment. Key issues addressed in this plan include:

  • celebrating the significant cultural values of the parks and supporting the Aboriginal community in caring for Country
  • continuation of opportunities for low impact, self-reliant visitor activities, supported by small-scale visitor facilities at appropriate locations on the edges of the parks
  • maintaining the current high water quality and considerable value of the parks as a wildlife corridor.

What is a plan of management?

Parks and reserves established under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 need to have a plan of management. The plan includes information on important park values and provides directions for future management. Once the plan is adopted, no management operations can be undertaken in the park unless they are consistent with the plan.

Why is a new plan being prepared?

The current plan of management was adopted in 2006 and many things have changed since then, including, a change in the classification of a large area of the parks from State Conservation Area to National Park. The draft plan responds to these changes and new information about the park values and management considerations.

When will the plan of management be finalised?

At the close of the public exhibition period, we consider all submissions on the draft plan and prepare a submissions report. We provide the South Coast Regional Advisory Committee and the National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council with the plan, all the submissions and the submissions report. They consider the documents, make comments on the plan or suggest changes, and provide advice to the Minister for Energy and Environment.

The Minister considers the plan, submissions and advice, makes any necessary changes and decides whether to adopt the plan under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. Once a plan is adopted, it is published on the NPWS website and key stakeholders, including those who made a submission on the draft plan, will be notified.

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