Interpretation and storytelling

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is preparing a new plan for interpretation and storytelling within the park and has engaged Wolfpeak Environment & Heritage to assist with preparation of this plan.

The purpose of the plan is to investigate and present opportunities to improve understanding and appreciation of the nationally important natural and cultural values of Kamay Botany Bay National Park at Kurnell. The information we collect will help guide and inform the stories we tell about our shared history and the way we tell them.

How can you help?

We would like to invite your comments and feedback on this Plan. We want to know if this Plan has captured the themes and stories that should be told. Is there anything missing? What other opportunities can be included?

The feedback we receive will inform the final plan. An online survey has been created to capture your feedback.

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If you would like to know more and contribute your knowledge, stories or memories you can contact the project team via email:

How did we get here?

Building on the themes and objectives of the Master Plan, earlier this year we undertook initial consultation to find out what the community considers special about Kamay Botany Bay National Park at Kurnell. We wanted to know what stories should be told and how we can improve the existing storytelling. We heard a range of views and perspectives which helped shape the draft Plan. A significant amount of research was also undertaken including management documents, previous studies such as the 1970s archaeological investigations, oral histories and interviews.

What is the purpose of the Interpretation and Storytelling Plan?

The park is a diverse area with unique natural and cultural values. It holds a significant place in Australian history. It is important that these stories and perspectives are captured and shared. The Plan does this and provides guidance for implementation throughout the park.

The recommendations can also influence the development and design of the Visitors Centre, the proposed ferry wharves, and tracks and trails throughout the park. For example, some stories can be told on park through guided tours or improved signage (such as the new bronze sculptures), while other stories are better told digitally or within the exhibition space in the Visitors Centre.

What does the Interpretation and Storytelling Plan cover?

The Plan includes the following information:

  • Background, what is special about Kurnell?
  • Who are our visitors and stakeholders and what are their expectations when they visit, i.e. locals, families, school groups, tourists, etc.
  • Review of existing interpretation including signage, soundscapes and online resources.
  • Identification of themes and stories, including those that are currently overlooked or untold.
  • New opportunities to improve the storytelling on park and how this can be done including influencing future infrastructure such as the exhibition space in the Visitors Centre.