Kamay Botany Bay National Park: commemorative installation

The Kamay 2020 Board selects design for installation as part of the 250th anniversary of the meeting of two cultures at Kurnell.

The Kamay 2020 Project is a joint NSW and Commonwealth governments project to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the meeting of two cultures at Kurnell in the Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

Bronze sculptures designed by Aboriginal artists will be erected to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the encounter between Aboriginal people and the crew of HMB Endeavour at Botany Bay.

The Kamay 2020 Project Board has selected works which are sensitive, balanced and include story-telling of both Aboriginal and European viewpoints of the arrival of the Endeavour. Art is a powerful tool for telling human stories and interpreting historical events. We want these sculptures to promote understanding and reflection on the different perspectives that people have of the events of 1770.

Artists Julie Squires and Theresa Ardler with ThinkOTS will install two sculptures – ‘the Whales and the Canoes’, while artist Alison Page and Nik Lachacjzak with UAP Australia will be installing ‘Eyes of the Land and the Sea’.

Kamay 2020 commemorative installation

The sculptures will mark the 250th anniversary of the arrival of HMB Endeavour and the meeting of two cultures at Kurnell and interpret the cultural heritage and significance of Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

The sculptures are based on concepts placed on public exhibition for community feedback earlier this year. Community feedback on the two shortlisted designs was gathered during the public exhibition of the short-listed design options during October 2019 and early November 2019. The Kamay 2020 Project Board considered this public feedback in selecting the successful designs as well as reflecting how well the designs provided a legacy for future generations to reflect and hear the true stories of this important place and the inclusion of Aboriginal representation.

The plan of management allows for the installation of commemorative and interpretive features within the park under the following sections:

  • Looking after our culture and heritage – Improvements to the way heritage values are presented and interpreted are needed, including improving accessibility. This work will be carried out consistent with the national significance of the park and the objective of building community understanding and awareness.
  • Scheme of operations – Action 6c: Interpret and promote the layers of history, cultural and natural values in the park through a range of mechanisms, including landscaping, new buildings or adaptive re-use of existing buildings, signage, use of innovative and emerging technologies, events and artistic or commemorative features (such as sculptures and installations). 
The commemorative installation will be completed prior to 29 April 2020. The major works detailed in the Master Plan will commence after 29 April 2020. 

Kamay Botany Bay National Park is listed on the NSW Heritage Register and National Heritage List. As such, each proposal must be assessed under the relevant heritage legislation.

Construction within a national park requires authorisation under the National Parks and Wildlife Act or Regulation, as well as an environmental impact assessment, before it can commence. Further information on these assessments is available on the Development guidelines webpage.

Existing amenities within the park at Commemmoration Flats and Cricketers Pitch are undergoing minor maintenance in March. The major infrastructure works that will commence following 29 April 2020 will include new visitor amenities and jetty in conjunction with Roads and Maritime Services. 
Site works will be managed to mitigate any adverse effects to the visitor experience prior to 29 April 2020. Following 29 April 2020 major site works will commence including a new visitor building to replace the existing Visitor Centre at Kurnell.