Lane Cove River Tourist Park lease proposal

Public submissions closed on 28 December 2018.

Under Section 151 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 the Minister for the Environment proposes to grant Delaware North Companies Australia Pty Ltd ABN 92 003 435 345 a lease of Lane Cove River Tourist Park, Plassey Road, Lane Cove National Park.

Details of the proposed lease

Identification of land: Lots 413-418 in Deposited Plan 752035 being the area known as Lane Cove River Tourist Park, Lane Cove National Park.

Purposes for which the land and any building and structure is proposed to be used: Visitor short stay accommodation and tourist park facilities.

Term of proposed lease: 10 years with 2 x 10 year options (30 years in total).

Additional Information: The proposal includes modification of an existing building and upgrade of Tourist Park facilities. All works will be subject to appropriate environmental approvals.

How can I comment on the proposed lease?

Submissions closed on 28 December 2018

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