Rouse Hill Regional Park Men's Shed

Proposal to grant a licence to establish a Men's Shed at Rouse Hill Regional Park, Cumberland.

Consultation of the proposal to licence the shed at Rouse Hill Reginal Park provided an important opportunity for members of the community to have a say in the future use of the shed. Submissions closed 26 September 2019.

Pursuant to Section 151F of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 the Minister for Energy and Environment proposes to grant Wildfire Community Hub Inc. Association ABN 90 491 184 910 a licence for the use of a shed at Rouse Hill Regional Park, Cumberland to establish a Men's Shed.

Rouse Hill Regional Park provides a large open space for recreational activities within a developing urban centre. The park is located approximately 40 kilometres north west of Sydney in the suburb of Rouse Hill, within the Sydney Basin Bioregion, and situated on the northernmost edge of the Cumberland Plain. It falls within the administrative areas of Blacktown City Council, Greater Sydney Local Land Services and Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Council.

The shed is located at the south west corner of Rouse Hill Regional Park, immediately east of Worcester Road next to Turtles Nursery and Landscape Supplies depot.

Why is a licence being prepared?

The shed at Rouse Hill Regional Park has not been actively used for about 18 years. Wildfire Community Hub Inc. Association aims to facilitate community involvement in national park management.

When will the licence commence?

At the end of the consultation period in September 2019, National Parks and Wildlife Service will review and take into account all comments received before proceeding with granting a licence. It is anticipated that the licence will commence in November 2019. The term of proposed licence is 5 years.

What will the shed be used for?

The purpose of establishing a Men's Shed at Rouse Hill is to focus on Youth and Adult Community life building and rebuilding. Wildfire is a registered not-for-profit organisation and a member of the Australian Men's Shed Association. The Men's Shed organisation will contribute to park maintenance and restoration of natural values of Rouse Hill Regional Park. The permitted use of the licence will include restoration of the existing shed, embellish park assets and removal of weeds.