Audley Boatshed repair underway

February 2021

The conservation and repair of the Audley Boatshed has commenced. A significant component of this work involves the roof. The existing tiles are over 80 years old and are deteriorating, causing the the timber roof frame to rot and presenting a safety hazard. Once the existing tiles are removed, the timber frame will be assessed with rotted timber removed and replaced with new timber to match the existing frame.

Also, the tiles themselves are too heavy for the roof and the shallowness of the structure means that debris gets trapped and rain does not properly drain. New Colorbond sheeting will be laid on the roof as this lighter material is more suitable for the shallow roof structure, helping to protect the significant interior. A brown-red Colourbond 'Terrain' roof colour has been selected for the roof sheeting to closely reflect the terracotta tiles colour and hue.

Heritage NSW approved these works under Section 60 of the Heritage Act 1977. The removal of the existing tiles and replacement of timber and new sheeting will start in February. This is a significant component of this conservation project but will ensure this building can continue to be used by the community for many years to come.