Update on Royal Coast Track upgrade

Upgrade of Thelma Head section of the track completed.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has been gradually upgrading the Royal Coast Track since 2014. Strategic funding has been provided by the NSW Government to enable these works to occur with funding allocated from the Visitor Infrastructure Program and the Improving Access to National Parks program.

The Thelma Head section of the Royal Coast Track is now complete after more than 12 months' work. The section provides an important link between Garie Beach and the North Era campground, a popular camping destination along the track. The section also links the State Heritage Listed cabin communities of Little Garie and South Era, another point of interest along the track.

The work involved the installation of more than 660 stone steps over a distance of 570 metres and a headland with a height of nearly 80 metres. The logistics in support of the work has been extensive including many helicopter operations flying in materials and equipment such as tools, a mini excavator and other small machinery.

The completed section of track now provides a much safer and more stable walking surface allowing walkers to focus on the magnificent views up and down the coast that can be experienced from Thelma Head. The work has also included in the installation of more than 45 drains to help ensure the track remains dry and can withstand the harsh coastal conditions.

The Thelma Head section compliments the recently completed Providential Point Loop track at Wattamolla, another popular destination along the coast track. The loop 1.3 kilometre track provides easy access to Providential Point and is an ideal location for the many day visitors that frequent Wattamolla to experience some spectacular coastal scenery. The loop track is now incorporated into the coast track, allowing day visitors to get a sense of the longer 26 kilometre coast track experience.