Shanes Park Feral Predator-free Area

A feral predator-free area will be established in a new reserve 40 kilometres west of Sydney's CBD.

A new reserve in Shanes Park, western Sydney, has been selected for Sydney's first feral predator-free area. Establishing the feral predator-free area will involve the construction of a specialised predator-proof fence around 555 hectares of the reserve. Control of feral predators will commence following the completion of the predator-proof fence, to remove all feral cats and foxes.

Following this, a number of extinct, threatened and declining species will be reintroduced to the reserve. The species being considered for reintroduction have been confirmed by one of Australia's leading ecologists, Dr Chris Dickman from the University of Sydney. They are all species that once existed in this area.

A Review of Environment Factors has been prepared to understand the impacts of the project and was on public exhibition and closed on 17 January 2022.

Project timeline

  • The construction of the first stage of the predator proof fence and associated infrastructure will commence in early 2022 following and subject to detailed environmental impact assessment.
  • Control of feral animals in the first stage will take place from late August 2022 through to December 2022.
  • The reintroduction of locally extinct species is expected to commence by late 2022 and continue in an ongoing fashion as the fenced area expands.
Existing trail in the south-west of the Shanes Park reserve