Fort Denison - Muddawahnyuh update

April 2022

In January 2021, construction commenced for the new accessible wharf at Fort Denison. New steel piles were installed, a new concrete fixed bridge was constructed, and a new opening was made in the Island's western seawall.

The wharf's new floating pontoon was fabricated off-site by Birdon Marine in its shipyard on the Hastings River at Port Macquarie before being towed by tug down the NSW coast, berthing at Polaris Marine's yard in Rozelle Bay Sydney on 29 March. Polaris Marine will complete fitting out the pontoon laying its slip resistant decking surface, tactile indicators, handrails and bollards.

In early May 2022, Polaris Marine will tow the fully fitted out pontoon to Fort Denison, position it within its anchoring piles and crane in the new aluminium gangway to complete the wharf. The old timber wharf and steps will be demolished once the new wharf is completed.