Fort Denison - Muddawahnyuh update

July 2021

The construction of the new wharf at Fort Denison – Muddawahnyuh started in May and has been progressing well.

Installation of 10 new piles was completed in mid June. This work was done at night for safety, when the harbour is calmer with fewer boat and ferry movements. In late June, precast panels and the concrete topping slab for the shore bridge were completed. This work was mostly completed overnight, which made for some stunning images with the Harbour Bridge in the background.

This has been a significant effort from the work crew to complete this work in a little over a week. During the next stage in this project, the crew will be back to night time work to install the 4 large pontoon piles in July and be ready for the floating pontoon's arrival in November from the shipyard on the Hastings River, Port Macquarie where it is being fabricated.