Fort Denison - Muddawahnyuh update

October 2022

The new pontoon and gangway were successfully installed at Fort Denison at the end of April. The fort's original opening in the seawall was reinstated to accommodate the new gangway, and the 1917 opening was carefully closed with new sandstone blockwork.

A new high voltage substation has also been installed on the fort, while a new submarine electrical cable has been laid along the seabed from Garden Island. During September, there will be a number of works carried out to complete the wharf, including the reconnection of lighting as part of improvements to the island's electrical services.

The installation of the new wharf has been a significant and complex project. While the island remains closed to visitors, we are continuing to work with our partner to complete the works necessary to reopen. This is currently expected to be completed in the second half of 2023.