About the Visitor Infrastructure Program

The program aims to increase nature-based tourism in NSW, to boost regional visitor economies and improve community wellbeing

Outstanding natural spaces and engaging experiences

National parks are for everyone and through these projects we aim to:

  • inspire everyone to love their national parks
  • foster an appreciation and desire to protect the environment and our shared heritage
  • increase visitor numbers to support regional economic growth
  • create local employment opportunities and partnerships.

Conserving our natural environment

Our national parks are managed to protect their unique values and provide for sustainable visitor use and enjoyment. This includes providing visitor experiences and, where appropriate new visitor facilities including walking tracks and trails.

We will conduct independent environment assessments to examine the significance of likely environmental impacts of each proposal and measures required to mitigate any potential impacts. We recognise that public visitation and enjoyment must always be compatible with the protection of conservation values.

The proposed projects will undergo further assessment and detailed design to ensure compliance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and the parks' plans of management.

Respecting our rich cultural heritage

All projects will involve early and ongoing engagement with local Aboriginal communities and organisations in recognition of their special connection to Country in NSW national parks.

Further investigation and assessment, including site surveys, will protect cultural heritage including Aboriginal objects and places and ensure compliance with relevant heritage requirements. We will also work with Aboriginal communities to promote economic opportunities associated with enhancing visitor infrastructure and sharing culture on Country.

Working with and for our communities

We recognise that community and stakeholder input adds value to the work that we do. NPWS will engage with stakeholders and interested community members in a meaningful and timely way. Those interested in the project are invited to register their interest and receive regular updates on the projects.

Visitor Infrastructure Project locations