The Visitor Infrastructure Program

The program is delivering exceptional nature-based experiences, enabling more people to enjoy our national parks and driving increased tourism to regional NSW.

Outstanding natural spaces and engaging experiences

NSW national parks are much-loved destinations for people across NSW and around the world. The Visitor Infrastructure Program is delivering iconic experiences to manage visitation in popular areas and broaden the range of activities on offer.

New and upgraded visitor facilities, walking tracks and cycling trails provide high quality, safe and accessible experiences.

The program includes world-class nature-based tracks and trails, ranging from alpine hikes to sub-tropical rainforest trails and spectacular coastline walks.

Conserving our natural environment

Our national parks are managed to protect their unique values and allow for sustainable visitor use and enjoyment. Investment in infrastructure improves our ability to meet increasing visitation demand and ensure ecologically sensitive locations are protected.

Projects are being assessed to ensure any environmental impacts are avoided, mitigated or managed. We recognise that public visitation and enjoyment must always be compatible with park conservation.

The proposed projects are undergoing assessment and detailed design to ensure compliance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and the parks' plans of management.

Respecting our rich cultural heritage

All projects involve early and ongoing engagement with local Aboriginal communities and organisations in recognition of their special connection to Country in NSW national parks.

Detailed Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments and surveys are being carried out to protect cultural heritage and ensure compliance with relevant heritage requirements.

We are working closely with a broad range of Aboriginal community groups to develop world-class cultural interpretation and innovative ways to celebrate and share Aboriginal culture. We are also working with Aboriginal communities and committees to promote economic opportunities associated with enhancing visitor infrastructure and sharing culture on Country.

Many of the new and upgraded trails also highlight and protect our valuable European and military heritage. The projects help to improve visitor access to important heritage from the convict and Victorian eras through to military wartime structures located within national parks.

Working with and for our communities

The Visitor Infrastructure Program plays a central role in the NSW Government’s commitment to enable more people to experience nature and enjoy our national parks.

It is driving increased domestic and international tourism to NSW regions and supporting the economy of our regional towns impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires and COVID-19 crisis.

We recognise that community and stakeholder input adds value to the work we do. NPWS is engaging with stakeholders and interested community members at key stages of the projects. Those interested in the projects are invited to register their interest via the project locations webpages to receive updates.

Visitor Infrastructure Project locations