Thredbo Valley Track Extension

Building a world-class mountain biking experience.

Mountain bikers at the end of a footbridge on the Thredbo Valley Track, Kosciuszko National Park.The Thredbo Valley Track Extension Project will deliver world-class mountain-biking experiences in Kosciuszko National Park. By extending the popular Thredbo Valley Track the project will create 38 kilometres of mountain bike trails that will help establish the region as a summer adventure hub.

Thredbo Valley Track has a fantastic range of options for first-time mountain bikers and family-friendly rides. The newly extended cross-country Thredbo Valley Track turns it up a notch – challenging more experienced riders like never before with 18 kilometres of new adrenaline-fuelled mountain-biking action.

What the project involves

The project involves the construction of 2 new sections of track to extend the existing Thredbo Valley Track.

  • Bullocks Flat to Gaden Trout Hatchery: A new 18.4-kilometre section of track following the Thredbo River downstream from Bullocks Flat to Gaden Trout Hatchery, with a new bridge across the Thredbo River, opened in November 2019.
  • Gaden Trout Hatchery to Thredbo River Picnic Area on the Kosciuszko Road (2.6km) will be completed in 2022.

Construction of a low mobility path at Bullocks Flat will provide opportunities for everyone to access the Thredbo River and the Bullocks Hut historical precinct.

The project will also fund improvement works to increase the sustainability, safety and durability of the Thredbo Valley Track, as well as new signage and an upgrade to the Thredbo River picnic area.

The track extension has been awarded $9.8 million funding by the Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund program, funded through Restart NSW, that provides funding for infrastructure that supports regional economic growth, creates local employment opportunities, and drives growth in the visitor economy. This project is one of many that will provide crucial support to the NSW economy and help our regional towns recover from the devastating fires and COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that the proposed Dead Horse Gap to Thredbo Village section (Upper TVT) is no longer in scope for this project. Detailed site investigations have revealed that the proposed track cannot be built due to environmental and geological constraints. Planning for the track was also unable to locate a suitable route for a family-friendly 'Green' track due to the steep terrain.

The newest section of track from Bullocks Flat to Gaden Trout Hatchery is now open to the public. We may occasionally close parts of the Thredbo Valley Track for maintenance or events. You can find details of the latest track closures at Thredbo Valley Track local alerts.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is delivering the largest investment in visitor infrastructure in its history. In total, the NSW Government has committed $257 million to implement 170 visitor infrastructure projects across the State.

These projects will drive increased domestic and international tourism to NSW regions and bolster the $18 billion of economic contribution that national parks make to the NSW economy (particularly regional economies) through nature-based tourism.

The Thredbo Valley Track Extension Project aims to create jobs and deliver regional economic growth in the summer season, while encouraging people to love and protect their national parks.

This project taps into the growing mountain bike tourism market and will drive summer season visitation to the region by offering a unique backcountry riding and fishing experience along the wildly beautiful Thredbo River.

The track extension will provide a critical link to the Lake Jindabyne Shared Trail Project to be completed by Snowy Monaro Regional Council, enabling users to cycle from the top of Thredbo resort, down the Thredbo Valley and around the foreshore of Lake Jindabyne.

The project will link visitors to resorts, develop new visitor experiences and grow demand for products and services, bringing broader economic and social benefits for the Snowy Mountains region.

Our national parks are managed to protect their unique values and provide for sustainable visitor use and enjoyment. This includes providing visitor experiences and, where appropriate, new visitor facilities including tracks and trails. We conduct independent environmental assessments to ensure public visitation and enjoyment is compatible with the protection of conservation values.

The project has included detailed design and assessment to ensure compliance with the park's plan of management and conservation management plans. Stringent environmental, cultural heritage and cost-benefit assessments, involving our staff, key stakeholders and other experts, ensure the project meets environmental, cultural and economic aspirations.

The extension to the Thredbo Valley Track will realise the final stage of this impressive mountain-biking trail in Kosciuszko National Park and will enable a linked track from the resorts to the tourism hub of Jindabyne. The track extension will respect the park's natural and cultural values and the area's remote alpine settings.

Effective community and stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of this project. We will engage with stakeholders and interested community members in a meaningful and timely way. Those interested in the project are invited to register their interest and receive regular updates on the project.

Updates: November 2019

Thredbo Valley Track extension officially opened.

  • 17 Nov 2019
Thredbo Valley Track Extension project – Register of interest

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