Memoranda of understanding

A memorandum of understanding is a framework to articulate, develop and maintain formal interactions between parties. We participate in MOUs for a range of situations.

Memoranda of understanding (MOUs) are part of a collaborative approach to park management. The Department of Planning and Environment (former Office of Environment and Heritage) enters into MOUs with a variety of government agencies and recreational groups, and with Aboriginal communities for joint management of parks and other reserved lands.

The Department reviews MOUs from time to time to ensure they remain relevant, current and useful to both parties.

Current memoranda of understanding

4WD NSW and ACT Inc.

4WDs line up at the Gan Gan beach entrance, Worimi Conservation LandsThis MOU (PDF 5.2MB) is made between the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (part of the former Office of Environment and Heritage) and the 4WD NSW and ACT Association. It is intended to:

  • promote conservation of the state’s natural and cultural heritage
  • allow greater enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of protected areas
  • create additional opportunities for the community to participate in park management
  • ensure sustainable and sensitive visitor use of parks
  • improve communication and conflict resolution.

Geocaching Association of NSW

NPWS has signed an MOU (PDF 5.2MB) with the Geocaching Association of NSW to promote sustainable and culturally sensitive visitor use of parks. The MOU also seeks to encourage:

  • improved understanding and awareness of geocaching
  • mechanisms for regular communication and issue resolution
  • improved compliance with government policy and guidelines.