P1 Waste streams

The NSW Government aims to reduce the millions of tonnes of waste that government agencies send to landfill each year

Measuring and reporting on waste streams is the first step to implementing programs such as reuse and recycling, and to improve the overall management of waste disposal. The top three waste streams were general waste, clinical and pharmacy waste, and paper/cardboard waste.

Icon of garbage binWaste expenditure has dropped by 10% to $37.8 million from $42 million spent on waste disposal in 2017–18.

Key waste figures

Key figures for General Government Sector agencies  2018–19 2017–18  2016–17
% that reported waste 45  52  49
% that did not report waste data  49  48 50
Total waste expenditure ($) 37,775,913  42,016,884  42,009,485

Note: Includes both General Government Sector (GGS) Agencies and non-GGS Agencies. Waste data is currently 'off contract', which means reporting relies entirely on agencies' manual entry of figures – analysis suggests the figures are highly modelled and are often missing data.