How to report on your energy efficiency

NSW government agencies must report on their energy efficiency. Find out how to produce a Government Resource Efficiency Policy report.

Online reporting is quick and easy with CASPER

CASPER stands for Centralised Analysis System for Performance of Energy and Resources. It is an online service that government agencies use to upload data on their resource use in accordance with the GREP.

We analyse CASPER data to help inform future planning for sustainability opportunities and projects at your sites.

What do I use CASPER for?

Your agency can use CASPER to:

  • access and analyse consumption data (electricity, gas, water, waste and emissions) to spot trends
  • produce and lodge annual GREP reports
  • work out how to be resource-efficient and cut cost.

You must register for access to CASPER.

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I need help with CASPER

Contact us to find out:

  • how to register
  • how to log on
  • what you need to input
  • how to produce a GREP report.

Other reporting options

If you don't want to use our online reporting tool, CASPER, you can use our GREP reporting template (DOCX 93KB) to produce your report.