Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel

The NSW Government appointed the Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel to provide a report on water quality in Tuggerah Lakes.

Tuggerah Lake Wyrrabalong National ParkThe panel examined best-practice management approaches to improve water quality in Tuggerah Lakes in accordance with the Coastal Management Act 2016. The panel’s final report on Tuggerah Lakes water quality is now available to download.

Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel

  • Associate Professor William Glamore (Chair)
  • Dr Katherine Dafforn (member)
  • Associate Professor Damien Maher (member)
  • Sian Fawcett (member)
  • Stuart Waters (member)
  • Nicole Ramilo (member)
  • Dr David Wainwright (member)
  • Dr Angus Ferguson (member).

Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel to discuss findings and recommendations with online forums

The Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel will host 3 online forums to discuss their findings and recommendations to improve the estuary health and water quality at Tuggerah Lakes.

During consultation last year, the Expert Panel heard from more than 2700 stakeholders over two months. The panel submitted its report to the NSW Government in December 2020 and the panel’s recommendations will be considered as part of implementing the NSW coastal management framework.

The panel’s report was broadly categorised into the 3 themes that emerged as critical issues for the community during consultation. They were:

  1. water quality, including wrack and ooze
  2. understanding The Entrance channel and integrated management
  3. how the surrounding catchment affects water quality.

Members of the panel will present their findings and recommendations on these 3 themes before opening the forums to questions. Residents are encouraged to submit questions ahead of time via the Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel Facebook page.

The forums are open to everyone and will be held via Zoom.

To join a forum, register using the links below:

Tuesday 3 August 2021 from 7-8.30pm via Zoom – Catchment Management
This forum will cover issues and recommendations related to the influence of the adjacent catchment on the lakes’ water quality including stormwater, increasing population and development and pollution.

Wednesday 4 August 2021 from 7-8.30pm via Zoom – The Entrance Management
This forum will cover issues and recommendations related to how the entrance influences water quality in the lake system including why a permanent ocean entrance has not been recommended.

Thursday 5 August 2021 from 7-8.30pm via Zoom – Water Quality
This forum will cover issues and recommendations related to water quality and ecological characteristics of the lakes themselves including issues concerning wrack and ooze on the shoreline.

For more information about the online forums, call on 02 4320 4206 or email tuggerah.lakes@environment.nsw.gov.au

To learn how to join a zoom meeting, please watch this help video.


Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel Terms of Reference

The role of the Expert Panel is to determine best practice management for improved water quality in Tuggerah Lake



Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics and Conduct outlines the standards and behaviour expected of the Tuggerah Lakes Water Quality Expert Panel Members and Working Group Members.


Public Interest Disclosure Policy

The Public Interest Disclosure Policy is available on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s policies webpage.