Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel

The NSW Government appointed the Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel to provide a report on water quality in Tuggerah Lakes.

Tuggerah Lake Wyrrabalong National ParkThe panel examined best-practice management approaches to improve water quality in Tuggerah Lakes in accordance with the Coastal Management Act 2016. The panel’s final report on Tuggerah Lakes water quality is now available to download.

Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel

  • Associate Professor William Glamore (Chair)
  • Dr Katherine Dafforn (member)
  • Associate Professor Damien Maher (member)
  • Sian Fawcett (member)
  • Stuart Waters (member)
  • Nicole Ramilo (member)
  • Dr David Wainwright (member)
  • Dr Angus Ferguson (member).


Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel Terms of Reference

The role of the Expert Panel is to determine best practice management for improved water quality in Tuggerah Lake



Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics and Conduct outlines the standards and behaviour expected of the Tuggerah Lakes Water Quality Expert Panel Members and Working Group Members.


Public Interest Disclosure Policy

The Public Interest Disclosure Policy is available on the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water’s policies webpage.