Flood management planning and development controls

Information on local flood planning, development and responsibilities.

Any proposed development works (including fences) located in, on or adjacent to levees or within declared floodplains (as gazetted under the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Act 1956) must be referred to Department of Planning and Environment for consideration under Section 256 of the Water Management Act 2000

If you are a developer you will need council approval. Council will refer the plan to the Department. You should consult with the Department before submitting the final plans as this will avoid unnecessary amendments at a later stage.

The NSW Flood Data Portal also has information on flood planning and development.

Information about flooding in your area and development controls can be found on your local council website:

City of Newcastle

Maitland City Council

Port Stephens Council

Singleton Council

Upper Hunter Shire Council

NSW SES Flood Data Portal

Developed as a partnership between the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) and the former NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the flood data portal aims to improve the sharing of key flood data (data sets, flood studies, organisations) within government and other stakeholders.

Using this tool, you can search by council area, town, or coordinates.

Flash Flood Advisory Resource

The national Flash Flood Advisory Resource (FLARE) is an authoritative resource created to assist agencies with flash flood warning responsibilities, such as councils and emergency services, to design, implement and manage fit-for-purpose flash flood warning systems.

FLARE is not an operational service; rather it provides access to a wealth of information that supports local organisations to develop flash flood warning systems.

Coordinated by the Bureau of Meteorology, FLARE includes a website and advisory service for registered users.