Rural floodplain planning

Find out how we help create better planning processes for rural floodplains.

Aerial view of Gwydir Valley, Moomin CreekThe Department of Planning and Environment – Water (DPE – Water) is developing rural floodplain management plans. This is part of the transition from rural floodplain management planning under Part 8 of the Water Act 1912 to the Water Management Act 2000.

An regional panel is overseeing the development of these plans. The panel is made up of representatives from DPE – Water, Department of Industries Agriculture and Fishing, and Local Land Services.

Rural floodplain management plans contain rules and set out management zones to coordinate approval of new flood works or approval of amendments to existing flood works.

Healthy Floodplains Project

The NSW Healthy Floodplains Project is funded by the Australian Government’s Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program as part of the implementation of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan in New South Wales.

The NSW Healthy Floodplains Project aims to reform water management in the northern basin floodplains of New South Wales.

A major component of the project is to streamline existing rural floodplain management planning processes by providing more consistency in planning outcomes, and a greater focus on environmental considerations in rural areas of the Murray–Darling Basin.

DPE – Water, in consultation with a technical advisory group, is developing technical content for floodplain management plans in 5 rural valleys in northern New South Wales.

For more information, visit DPE – Water’s Healthy Floodplains Project webpage.